Sunday, November 30, 2008

A gift for a good friend

My good friend Astrid is a lover of the opera.
Astrid spied my ipod cover and decided that a purse for her glasses where a must.

Astrid keeps chooks and brings fresh eggs for us in exchange for fresh roasted coffee that Andrew takes delight in making.

I made this in an evening and a little time at our fortnightly quilting get-together, with the girls at Stitching Matters. 

We meet for the last time this year for a Christmas lunch together next Friday. I will take a triffle made with jam sponge roll, sherry, fruit salad, jelly custard and cream, topped with flaked almonds, very old world, but just yummy.

I am working on new designs for Pin Cushions. I will have these on my blog in the coming weeks.

Watch out for a give away, I love to share...



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