Friday, December 5, 2008

I am starting a new really quite over the top quilt, as the blocks get made I will post them so you can see. The quilt is called Nearly Insane, from a book by Liz Lois, based on the 1870's quilt created by Salinda Rupp. Wish me luck as another journey down the road of another outrageous over the top quilts begins.......

Sunday, November 30, 2008

A gift for a good friend

My good friend Astrid is a lover of the opera.
Astrid spied my ipod cover and decided that a purse for her glasses where a must.

Astrid keeps chooks and brings fresh eggs for us in exchange for fresh roasted coffee that Andrew takes delight in making.

I made this in an evening and a little time at our fortnightly quilting get-together, with the girls at Stitching Matters. 

We meet for the last time this year for a Christmas lunch together next Friday. I will take a triffle made with jam sponge roll, sherry, fruit salad, jelly custard and cream, topped with flaked almonds, very old world, but just yummy.

I am working on new designs for Pin Cushions. I will have these on my blog in the coming weeks.

Watch out for a give away, I love to share...



Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What a perfect weekend get away.
Andrew has been travelling a lot lately and needed a weekend in the bush camping.
We found a great spot about two hours drive from Adelaide at Burra Creek, 25 kms from  Burra.

I took a huge amount of sewing with me, as usual only got a small amount finished,
just another two little pincushions to add to my growing stack of pin cushions. These will be popping up on Etsy within weeks.

The light was perfect for photographing quilts, I have two that I want to share with you.

The Hexagon quilt was finished years ago and was the start of my love affair with English Paper Piecing. 
The surprising thing is that  this quilt has about twenty yards of fabric in the top. I cut it from my stash without making a dent in it, I'm sure fabric reproduces itself when the lights are off.

I am currently working on a English Paper Pieced Double Wedding Ring in red, cream and yellow, at last count I am using three hundred and twenty two red fabrics.
I will share this when it is a little closer to being finished.

The Lone Star followed a class my good friend  Irene Carrig conducted.
This pattern is so easy and quick to make.

Enjoy the photos
cheers Rosemary

Monday, November 17, 2008

I thought sewing was the main game when developing a crafting business, holly dooly!!

I  am learning so much, blog design, photo stuff, pattern writing, publishing, selling on the net and youtub'n

I finished with working for another six weeks ago and decided it was now or never.
Time to scratch my itch to publish my patterns and thoughts about quilt-crafting.

I will add a flicker of my latest project that has been kitted up and is for sale on
the link is

I have to say my current passion is English Paper Piecing, with a flicker it will take you through the making of my latest pin cushion. Fingers crossed it will be there soon.

Now to work out where I get one from and how to do it, such fun, this is all very new to me.

Every journey starts with one step, I wonder where this will lead me and who I will meet on the way.

Life is good.

have a giggle at yourself, it softens the lines